Tips to boost your customer engagement through content

You might be wondering that creating a great content and posting it frequently can grab the attention of your audience which in return increase your SEO ranking. But hold on! That isn’t enough. Just getting the popularity in search engines should be your goal. With having a strong social media account you must keep current audience engaged while attracting the new users.

Understand Optimal Posting

Here are the few marketing tips to increase your customer engagement and make your pages a goal worth destination.

To increase your customer’s engagement the very first rule is to create and post content which draws attention of your audience. The thing important to remember is an optimal posting time. If you’re about to target 22 years old gamers, then post apparently during the evening or night time so that it could work. But if you’re trying to target the high school student, do post after school hours, as almost any schools won’t allow students to use cell phones during school timings.

But the truth is, when you should post or not it entirely depends on your audience availability. Try posting your content at different times of a day, and track the engagement. When you start noticing traffic at specific time slot(s), note that to utilize for further posting.

Serve Your Audience Well

An effective way to engage your customer on your web page is to create a conversation. Though creating conversation doesn’t mean responding to the questions asked in a discussion forum or commenting back to any blog post or images. Instead, provide your customers with a way to contact you directly through live chat.

To increase engagement, you need to engage yourself by reaching out to the people. Yes, it is that much important. You’ve to ask them for feedback and constantly monitoring if they’re facing any issues. Also, send thank you note to new customers and attract them with the specific offers for the next purchase.

Promotional Offers & Freebies

If you get cookies free with the cup of tea, aren’t you going to love that? Of course, you do! Here is a simple but powerful rule… always give people more than they expect to get. You can either provide free gifts with their first purchase or special discounts for their future purchase to attract the attention of the customers which in return results in more customer engagement.

Most of the marketers have accepted this strategy to appreciate their customer’s purchase. By providing exciting freebies and discount offers, the very first step of the sale funnel gets achieved. And according to the statistics, a small little free item along with the purchase can encourage users to think up for more purchases in the future. And when new customers will read strategic reviews and exciting offers they get more enthusiastic to purchase from your store. So go on with your freebies to your loyal followers and raise your sale and customer engagement.

Give Social Proof

Today, everybody is on a social media spree, everything starting from a little pin to large product gets sell on a social platform. To promote the brands, service, and products social media ranks top from any other marketing tactics. It’s also a great source to drive traffic to your website.


Customer engagement is about creating good impression on customers mind that captures your own brand promise. Also, there are many other techniques to engage your customers by giving them a push notification which helps you keep people aware of your brand even when they are not on your webpage.

The fortitude to your online business is your website. So apart from well-targerted marketing campaign be assured to bear the proper customer engagement tactics. Check with various trial-and-error method to see what works out best for your customer engagement.