Are you losing touch with your email contacts due to inconsistent email schedules?

Lack of regular email campaigns means you are not leveraging the contacts who has shown interest in your products or services. Timely emails can help you remain in the forefront of your customer’s mind and also push them further in the marketing funnel towards conversion.

STARTS @ $49

Let's Plan Your Email Campaign Management Now

How can we help?

Account Set up & Management

In a world full or ESPs (Email Service Providers), we help you identify the most suitable email marketing platform for you and set it up to kick start your email campaigns.

Schedule Monthly 4 email newsletters

Not too little, not too much. 4 email sends every month is just the right frequency to ensure your customers remember your brand or reach out to them with special offers or promotions .

Design eMail Templates

Creative and attractive email template design and most email clients validated coding to send out your message.

Email List Upload

We will upload your contact lists and update email lists with new contacts as and when needed or configure direct capturing.

Spam Check

Run a spam check to ensure the email is full proof to reach the inbox and not the spam folder before hitting the send button.

Weekly Campaign Statistics and Analytics

Weekly statistics and analytic to measure the campaign performance. Report is delivered to your inbox with our expert suggestion for improvement if any.

Email List Hygiene Maintenance

Email list decay is an inevitable problem and a healthy email list is essential to drive successful email campaigns. We can also help in pruning inaccurate data/emails remove non-existent email ids or inactive subscribers to maintain a fresh and clean email list.

Email Campaign Management Service Starts @ $49/month