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Email Automations made Easy with Emercury & QeInbox

Emercury simplifies your email automations and QeInbox provides backend support for everything needed for email automation.

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Setup better marketing automations in Emercury

Whether you need help with Email Design & Coding Services, list management, or setting up email automations in Emercury, we make it a breeze.

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Does this sound like you?

  • I can manage my automations if only I had the time
  • My automation logic has a loophole but I cannot troubleshoot it
  • My email automation has hit a metaphorical glass ceiling
  • I would like some help with setting up email automation workflows
  • I wish to migrate to Emercury but cannot deal with the fuss of migration
  • My automation email designs look outdated
  • The workflow logic is not matching my own logic

While these thoughts cloud your mind, QeInbox can blow them away.

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Our Emercury Service Toolkit

Our email marketing solutions are built around the demands of an existing Emercury customer as well as someone who is considering shifting to Emercury.

Template design from scratch

Based on your inputs, our team can create visually appealing emercury email newsletters designs that are compliant with your brand guidelines from scratch. Post-approval, we hand-code each template to ensure error-free HTML templates.

Starts @ $239

Design to Code

Pass your PS/AI/EPS/Sketch design files to our email developers and we will transform them into functional email templates that are pixel-perfect.

Starts @ $89

Default Template Customization

We can make custom edits to your existing default templates to accommodate any new interactive features or graphic updates.

$69 Only

Template Troubleshooting

Everyone hates when an email template doesn’t render correctly.We are emercury template experts and our development team can troubleshoot any error in your templates and test the rendering across multiple devices before delivery.


What makes us…Us!

  • Astonishing Design Service
  • Interactive features at no extra cost
  • Hand-coded optimized output
  • Commented code for easy debug
  • Pixel perfect output
  • Retina display support
  • Fully editable & reusable template
  • 40+ email clients compatibility test
  • Test results shared at no charges
  • Affordable rate with no surprises ever!
  • 100% satisfaction or full refund
  • 24x5 support over chat, call, and email
  • Quick TAT
  • No rush hour charges
  • No charges for expert consultation

Need More Clarity?

Have a unique request? Need something custom? We are happy to help clear any of your questions.

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Our Expertise In Emercury

ESP Migration

Considering to migrate to Emercury but worried about the compatibility? With previous experience, we cut down the ESP migration risks to almost negligible. All your workflow logics, as well as list segmentation criteria, will function seamlessly after migrations.

API Integration

Whether you need assistance with integrating Emercery to your online store or integration between different marketing platforms, we provide out of the box support as well as custom API integration solutions.

List management & Lead Hygiene

Email marketing is only possible with a diverse mailing list with active subscribers. We prune and weed out the unnecessary & obsolete entries in your mailing lists to improve email list hygiene. Our end of subscriber list management services includes sprucing up with new additions, cleaning up the spams and bounce-backs, managing subscribe-unsubscribe lists, opt-ins and opt-outs, and regular updates coherent with your all your platforms.

Automate your Emails

Email Automation can help you send most commonly sent emails such as welcome emails, anniversary emails, order receipt emails automatically. All you need to do is set up the correct automation logic, create the relevant emails, and you have successfully cut most of the efforts and time of sending those emails. Ask a free consultation to QeInbox automation engineers who will make emercury automations work wonders for you.

Campaign Management

Turn your email marketing tasks to autopilot mode by letting our experts manage your email campaigns. QeInbox team can assist in developing an email marketing strategy, building your mailing list, segmenting your campaigns, and provide you with timely reports & analysis.

A view of our Emercury template universe

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Some Niche Questions Answered


1. I use emercury for my automation emails. What role do you fulfill?
Emercury manages your email automations but you are restricted by the limited number of email templates available. Additionally, the time and efforts invested in creating individual automation campaigns. By outsourcing it to us, we not only conduct emercury email campaign management but also create attractive email templates that help your brand stand out from the competition.
3. What reporting do you provide?
We provide a weekly report wherein the metrics of all the automation and email campaigns sent in the previous week.
2. Do you help in lead generation? What about list management?
We can migrate your email list from the current service provider or import it from an external source but we find our hands tied when it comes to generating leads except providing the tools. We are glad to prune your existing list, segment into niche audiences, improving the list health among other list management services.
4. What level of API integration is possible?
While emercury email tools support most API out of the box, there may be certain niche products that might not be supported. Most popular integrations such as emercury to Shopify or emercury to Wordpress are possible without much fuss. In such cases, our team can create custom integration workouts that will match the callouts in either direction.

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