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Succeed Through a Right Email Vendor Selection and Integration

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Being cost effective channel email marketing is very much popular amongst digital marketing mediums. But not every platform that supports email marketing is same and hence picking the right ESP (Email Service Provider) for your need is quintessential.

Factors that mostly counts

while choosing the right ESP



  • Ease of navigation, operation, and workflow
  • Templates and online editor
  • Validation and QA tools


  • Lowest or no downtime
  • Tool performance consistency
  • Ability to operate from devices


  • Reporting and dashboard ability
  • Bounce and spam report alert & management
  • MIS & Conversion tracking tools


  • Payment terms, modes and lock-in period
  • Variable cost vs. features
  • Complimentary features and advantages


  • Dedicated IP for improved reputation
  • Support for SPF, SenderID, DomainKeys, DKIM and DMARC
  • Global dissemination law compliance


  • Ability to support higher email volume, speed, lists, etc.
  • Support for diverse business sizes
  • Third party integration possibility


  • Import/export of data with custom fields and hierarchy
  • Data segmentation ease
  • Data append automation


  • Tech assistance through chat/email/call
  • Knowledgebase, community support, training sessions
  • Freebie and process ease templates

Unsure what is driving you crazy?

The landscape of email marketing is vast and ever-changing. And mastering that to know show stoppers is a quite difficult task. We'll love to utilize experience on hundreds of ESPs and offer you a FREE consultation to determine if your business needs an ESP migration.

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What is involved in ESP migration?

Migrating an ESP is not a simple task. It involves so many factors depending on features used with current ESP as
well as possibilities with a new ESP chosen. Here is a list of items that needs to be worked upon.

  • (A) Database and Data Schema (including historical information)
  • (B) Suppression Lists (include unsubscribes, bounces, etc.)
  • (C) Data Cleansing: It might be a good opportunity to perform email list hygiene before uploading to new ESP
  • (A) Content Library (Images, links, etc.)
  • (B) Past Static Emails (HTML)
  • (C) Automated / Triggered Emails (HTML, automation rules, etc)
  • (D) Enhance your templates for responsiveness, cleaning old ESP tags/code, changing the images and other digital assets path, upgrade modules to dynamic code for easy edits
  • (A) Opt-in and Opt-out forms
  • (B) Document data feed and API integration details
  • (C) Create landing pages and map feeds on the new ESP. This requires defining the data fields, new email acquisition forms, and API integrations
  • (D) Update and test your subscription form to make sure new subscriptions are going into your new ESP
  • (A) Document existing rules/triggers on present ESP
  • (B) Set-up similar automation work-flow on new ESP
  • (A) Download from old ESP a standard and custom report for behavioral & historical data, and misc statistics. This might not be available later you close the account
  • (A) While you change ESP, IP address will change and so It is recommended to retain the same domain name with your new ESP
  • (B) Update DNS records including SPF records, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, email authentication methods if required
  • (C) Make changes on IP certification tool like Return Path if in use
  • (D) Setup Google Analytics
  • (E) Warming up the IP. Use a ramp-up strategy on new ESP by gradually increasing mailing volume campaign after campaign. Observe your deliverability rate and IP score, adjusting your strategy accordingly
  • (F) Update and test unsubscribe links

You must agree that this is a lot of work. Planned efforts will reduce the chances of mistakes.
We recommend preferring an email expert for this job, especially one familiar with both the ESPs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a practical timeline ESP migration takes?

It takes usually a week to 30 days depending on the size of an existing setup.

How much the ESP migration service usually cost?

As low as $189. It depends on the size of an existing setup. Get a custom quote for your specific need by requesting a free consultation with our ESP migration expert.

What is possible downtime ESP migration incur?

Zero. When done with the planning and phase migration of each step, migration can be performed with zero downtime for your email marketing needs.

Can ESP migration hurt deliverability?

It can, especially when adequate care is not taken while migrating each step. One can take measures to avoid such issues by ensuring task planning, asking subscribers to whitelist their new IP, allowing IP warm-up time by pushing a few contacts at a time starting with most engaged segments of contacts first.

What is my first step towards switch?

While ESP migration is a careful task, evaluating ESP that better suits your need is first step. Schedule a call with an ESP migration expert at QeInbox now and let him/her explain you step by step process.

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