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A Free Email Template Audit To Recharge Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

Turn to the QeInbox email marketing handyman who can pinpoint what plagues your email templates and how to optimize them for your specific ESP.

What You Get In Our Free Audit Report?

We do an in-depth code review of all the technical aspects of your email template in respect to your specific ESP. We also share code snippets to fix identified issues. The report will act as guide for your technical team to troubleshoot all the problem areas. Here’s a broad but not limited list of details we will be sharing in our report.

Quality Check

We employ paid software like Litmus.com and EmailonAcid.com to identify rendering issues on 40+ email clients. We share code fixes to overcome loading issues.

Efficient Coding

An experienced designer always write effective coding methods. We share tips on how to deal with your template syntax issues like improper nested tables, missing tags etc.

Font Style

Solutions to the conflicts arising due to your chosen fonts and the email client’s default style.

Device Compatibility

We validate and suggest appropriate use of responsive code for multi-device optimization and rendering.

Use of Images

Validate retina ready images, defining proper image dimension and alt text elements reported here.

Call to Action

Identifying the possibility of missed Calls To Action within the template to increase click through rates.

ESP Specific

Recommendations on optimizing your emails for your specific ESP and inclusion of tags for template re-usability.

Link checks

Exhaustive check to confirm link existing on navigation, CTAs, logo, social sharing, trademarks etc.

Sample Report Suggestions

So…Are You Ready For An Audit?

If you want to test your email templates for free, just send in your files and we will let you know what and how you can improve them. As we have seen in past, you too will notice higher conversion after this exercise.

Allowed file extensions: html, htm, zip or rar

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many bug fixes can you address in one report?

There is no cap for the number of bugs. We show you the complete picture in one single report and that too for free.

2. What if we don’t have the bandwidth to fix all the bugs, can you do it for us?

Of course, for a reasonable charge of $69, we can fix all the bugs that we encounter and share a fixed code for your specific ESP. We may assist you in configuring template on your ESP and test again from there to ensure everything is perfect. We also share with you the Litmus.com test result for 40+ email clients for your satisfaction. If you look for this service, please mention in the message here.

3. Can you redesign the template?

Yes, if you feel apart from fixing the bugs the design needs a fresh approach, we can do that for an additional cost. We also guarantee a 100% refund if you don't like the creative design done by our handyman.

4. Do you offer any special discounts?

Yes, for bulk ordering agencies we have special collaborative rates. Please get in touch with us if you are an agency and would like to work in this direction.

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