Steps To Take For Upscaling Your Email Marketing Campaign

No matter how perfect you are, there is always some scope for evolution and betterment. Hence, you should never stop evolving and growing, instead, keep pushing your limits. The same goes for email marketing. The power of email marketing is no more under the veil, having the potential of returning an average of 42USD on each spent US Dollar.

Email Marketing gives you a great opportunity to reach out to your customers directly and know them better. Unlike generic social media ads, it allows you to serve your customers in a more personalized manner- one of the biggest reasons behind its tremendous conversion rate.

However, regardless of how your email marketing strategies are performing, you should always try to make it better. Being one of the biggest opportunities to enhance your business-customer relationship, you should try to upscale in every possible area you can, as any mistake in this can push you behind your competitors.

To help you with the same, here are 10 extremely effective as well as crucial factors you should keep in mind while planning your email marketing campaign.

10 Most Effective Ways to Upscale Your Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Responsive Email Design

    According to Hubspot, there are 3.9 billion daily email users, 46% out of which open their email on mobile devices. If the email doesn’t open properly on the device, they close it within seconds. In fact, 71% of the users tend to delete the email immediately, if the email design is not responsive.
    To avoid such kind of situation, always opt for a responsive email design for your emails that displays well on all mobile devices. Along with the email responsiveness, also follow these additional tips-

    • Use the minimalist email design with the right quantity of white spaces in your email.
    • Right placement of CTA buttons.
    • Use a single-column email design, that facilitates vertical scrolling
  2. Email Segmentation

    According to HubSpot, the companies that use segmented email marketing campaigns observe an increase in revenue by 760% and opening rates by 203%. Segmentation works great for the email marketing campaign, empowering you to target the right audience.
    There are numerous subscribers associated with a company, each with varying choices, and preferences based on gender, age group, geography, etc. as well as privileges like discount offers or coupons.
    You can segment your email list based on these factors and serve them aptly. Make your email list more productive by segmenting the subscribers based on the above factors.

  3. Personalize your Email

    Personalized emails tend to attract subscribers comparatively more than non-personalized ones. Imagine you receive two emails; one addressing you with a general term ‘ user’ and the other one addressing you with your name. Which email will you open first? Definitely the personalized one.
    Email personalization is not restricted solely to the name of the subscriber. There are numerous other ways to personalize your email and make it more effective, such as you can-

    • Personalize your emails based on the client’s persona.
    • Personalize your brand and give a human touch. Instead of using the brand’s name in the sender section, you can use some professional’s name.

    Once you personalize your email, do not forget to match your personalized email with the landing page. For example, if you are using a CTA button for ‘Sign Up’, make sure it lands on the signup page instead of some other one like the ‘About us’ page.

  4. Schedule your Email Smartly

    Email marketing campaigns aim at building a good relationship with the customer, in which the content plays a crucial role. The content has the potential to gain the customer’s confidence and direct his actions. However, what if the subscriber does not open your email and go through your content, then how will they be able to connect with your brand?
    The best thing that can work here is email timing. Make sure you send the emails to your subscribers at the time when it is most likely to get opened. According to Hubspot, the best time to send emails to the subscribers, especially the office employees, happens to be the mid-week at around 10 AM. For the other individuals, you can schedule your emails on Saturday at 10 AM.

  5. Use a Compelling Subject Line and Pre-header text

    The open-rate of the emails not only depend upon the timing but also the subject line. The compelling is the subject line of your email, the higher are the chances of getting it opened. Make sure the subject line of your email is powerful enough to create curiosity within the users and persuade them to open your email.
    There are various tried and tested phrases that work great in this respect, such as- ‘Hurry’, ‘Last Day’, or ‘Last few days’, ‘2 more days’ etc. Keep the subject line short i.e. up to 50 characters, so that the impact of the email does not fade away with the length of your subject line.
    Along with this, do not forget the pre-header text of your email. The next thing noticed by the subscribers after the subject line, when he receives your email, is the pre-header text of your email. Preheader text works like the trailer of the movie, giving a glimpse of your email idea in short. Preheader text provides you another opportunity to attract your subscribers to your email and encourage them to open it.

  6. Use a Clear and Catchy CTA

    The biggest myth about CTA is that it is an optional element of the email. The truth is that you should always include a CTA in your email if you want your email to result in a conversion. According to Wordstream, Emails that have a single CTA increase the clicks to 371% and sales to 1617%.
    When a subscriber opens your email, he quickly checks out its CTA to decide his action. Make sure your CTA content is not misleading or blurry in concept. It should be clear and catchy, so that the reader can easily understand the idea behind it, thereby taking action immediately.

  7. Do Not Forget About The Preview Pane

    The preview pane is a part of the inbox, that allows the users to peek at part of the email in a shorter area that does not include images and videos. Based on this content, they can decide whether to open the email or not. Hence, if this content fails to entice the previewers, he might delete the email even without opening it fully.
    Hence, always try to include the main information as well as the Call to action in this space itself. Also, make sure to always optimize your email content for the preview pane, which creates curiosity in the users to open your email and go through the content. Do not depend solely upon the images to convey information, rather use text.

  8. Allow your Customer to Know More About your Brand

    Although the ultimate aim of your business is to sell your product and services to your customers, that does not mean you should only focus on sales. Not all the customers immediately want to buy your product and services right after receiving the first email. Some want to dig deeper and know more about you, before settling on a decision. Hence, you should also include the options to allow them to know more about your brand and services. You can include the ‘Learn more’ or ‘Know more’ button or link in your email.

  9. Track your Email Performance Periodically

    To upscale your email marketing campaign, you need to track your email performance periodically. Tracking the email performance gives you an idea about the loopholes in your email marketing strategy. You can find out the performing and nonperforming elements of your email marketing campaign, such as- the best suitable time, the performing subject lines, the most effective personalization tactics, etc. Based on this analysis, you can make the necessary changes in your email marketing plan and enhance its performance.

  10. Give the Subscriber the Charge

    Every business put a lot of effort to serve its subscribers the best. But, no matter how hard you try, perfection cannot be promised as every subscriber has different preferences. Some subscribers like to receive the emails once or twice a week, and some like to receive them daily or once a month. The best way to deal with this is to give charge to the subscriber himself. Talk to your subscriber about his expectation and preferences, thereby serve them accordingly.

Are you ready to Upscale your Email Marketing Campaign?

Upscaling your email marketing campaign opens new doors for your business, and strengthens the existing ones. The technology, as well as the market, is upgrading every day, and with this change, the customer expectations and needs are reaching new heights. The companies who will not walk with change will be left behind.
If you don’t want to be one of them, you must upscale your email marketing campaign and leave no scope for disappointment. Now that you are acquainted with the email marketing upscaling factors, you can reap the best out of your email marketing campaign. In case of any further assistance with your email marketing campaign, reach out to our experts. Our email marketing experts will analyze your requirements and bring out the best email marketing strategy that suits your needs.