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Email Automation Services to Increase ROI


Email automation gives businesses the tools to automate processes, workflows, and tasks. Focus on customer behavior, needs, and interests improve their experience and so desire to convert. As a result, an increase in ROI and operational efficiency.

QeInbox email experts help build highly customized email automation that is sure to be relevant and timely to drive higher results.

Automate > Engage > Convert

  • Event invitation follow-ups
  • Automate referral processes
  • Greet new inquiries on the spot
  • Make to feel welcome your new customers
  • Re-engage existing prospects with relevant content
  • Increase upsell opportunities
  • Convert abandon carts quickly
  • Touch on occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries
  • Transactional emails

Why choose us

  • Cost-effective services
  • Extensive experience working with ESPs and CRMs
  • The expertise of creating custom scripts & workflows
    as per your needs
  • A proactive approach with performing a migration from old ESP to new
  • Report on the automation performance

Email Automation/Drip Challenges

Creating a Smart Workflow logic

Email automation sends a specific email based on the trigger from a customer’s behavior combined with the logic/workflow you desire. Sometimes email marketers may overlook planning for a particular condition of a trigger, and the flaw is only identified when subscriber fails to receive the email.

Finding correction integrations

Ensure that you are sending a relevant email to the right recipient, customer data needs to transfer between all your marketing tools involved in the process. For specific niche platforms, it might be challenging to find an out-of-the-box solution for integrating different tools and may need custom scripts written.


Your current ESP may not be able to match your drip/automation campaign requirements, and you may decide to migrate. The challenge, in this case, comes in the form of ensuring the workflows are not disturbed. Also, the email templates may be incompatible with the new ESP you migrate to.

Data Management

Ensuring that your email automation process doesn’t have any gaps left can be quite intimidating and needs you to wade through all the different workflow logic. Marketers fail to segment/break the data into smaller chunks that can be managed and optimized.

What we do

Our team of automation experts has the experience of setting automation from scratch as well as salvage from an existing one, all thanks to the process we follow.
Analysis → Workflow Draft → Execution → Review



Our email experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing or past email campaigns in order to understand your target audience, the aim of the campaign, current email performance. The analysis helps us set a baseline and work on improving it.


Workflow Prototyping

Based on the analysis, our experts shall draw up a workflow prototype that covers all the bases and all the different emails that shall be sent in the automation lifecycle. At this stage, you can suggest any alterations before we finalize the draft up.



It is the time for putting our expertise to test. We shall implement the workflow in your existing ESP, monitor the performance, tweaking it on the go, and ensuring that your automation is firing on all cylinders.



We shall provide reports on the current performance of the created automation.

Efficient and Reliable Email Automation Or Drip Campaign
service starts at just $69

Are you ready to go beyond the typical for your business?

You don’t need to commit. Talk to us about your email automation requirements and we shall send a detailed quote.


Learn to add Personalization to your Email Automation

  • Email Automation Basics
  • Unique factors of each email type that sets them apart
  • Learn about the different types of email(s) that can be automated
  • Examples from brands such as Adidas, Etsy, Target, Airbnb, etc.

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